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Voice over IP - VoIP

Technology You Can Take Anywhere to Communicate Anytime

Call Center Headset

IT Support Is Nearby, Wherever You Go

Remote support gives you flexibility, even when you're on the road or at home. This also includes proactive monitoring, in which  we keep an eye on alerts or threats while you're busy at work, and perform maintenance when you're away from your computer .

Meeting Rooms

Host your own meeting room with your VoIP app, from anywhere. Rooms can be assigned passcodes and named for easier searching in company directory, and participants can dial in if they don't have video capabilities.

Place calls from a computer, cell phone, or desk telephone, through an app. It is a separate line that will show caller ID, but can also place calls from your cell phone with the company's number. Input and delete work contacts as needed.

Use Your VoIP App 

Recording meetings, where multiple offices or employees dial in, is common and can serve as a 'meeting minutes' place holder, when saving audio recordings. Call us for a virtual demo.

Conference/Bridge Call

Manage your building's telecom and ensure all calls are ringing to specified numbers. Set your office wall telephone ports to live or inactive when tenants move in or out.

Ring Group Management

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Working Remote?

With VoIP you can use all the same functions as your desk phone, through your computer. And when you step away you can still answer calls through your app on your cell phone.

Need an Additional Phone?

Add a separate phone to your conference room. View your participants when discussing tasks and see your employee's screen through your monitor, during their presentations.

Conference Video.jpg
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Need New Phone Lines?

Set up your office with the correct number of phone wall ports, for all of your employees. We can establish new or replace broken lines in multiple offices, and label cables for proper management. We're conveniently located in Palm Beach County, and can take a look at your communications closet when you schedule an assessment. 

Managed IT Services

Different plans for different types of support

Project Assessments

Managed IT Services Plans


Supported Platforms

Access Control

Set up Your Network

SEO Services

Website visibility for search engines and your business

Social Media Marketing

Google My Business

Website Creation

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