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About Us

Why we exist

We believe everyone has imaginative ideas and abilities that can be used to build a better world. Our passion is building better IT Networks and our abilities reside in delivering the right technology. 

What we do

We are an IT Managed Service Provider:
  • With more than a combined 30 years of experience to help business owner's with their vision, to build and design an infrastructure that takes their business to the next level 
  • With the tools to monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain computers and network systems 24/7
  • That services West Palm Beach, St. Lucie, Broward, Dade Counties, as well as various locations throughout the United States

How we do what we do

We sum up your needs into categories to illustrate where specific services are needed, and how we will help you achieve your vision. To help gain more clarity, we like to develop relationships so that we can have an ongoing conversation to talk about your ideas. We do this with all clients--small, medium, or large businesses. 

Who we are

Blue Logic IT Solutions is a fast-moving, U.S. Military Veteran based company, that focuses on providing solutions and leveraging the latest technologies.

What you can expect from our team:


Our techs enjoy using their extensive skills to interact with you and show you where improvements can be made.


We find the best technicians who enjoy troubleshooting and resolving demanding IT problems.


They stay focused on solving the core issue, by taking into consideration possible causes and resolving them in an organized manner.

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