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Paxton Access Control wireless.png

Access Control

Where Physical Security and Technology Meets Sophistication, Design and Innovation

Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Economical when changing over staff or previous access rights without creating new keys 


Easier to manage and update via client software or web interface

Rapid deployment, response and event tracking for security issues, new installations 

Sophisticated Technology

Access control lets you give access to individuals, during set times, and only to certain areas

Tighter security by limiting access on a per entry basis from a central location

Control and supervision of those entering and exiting premises

Suited for Government, Education, Hospitality

Commercial and Residential


Networked Access Control

This is a complete solution that includes wireless and Door Entry. The software package comes with features like timesheet and timeline, Landlord Tenant, fire alarm and multi-zone intruder alarm integration, security lockdown, anti-passback, card designer and can also include the following:

  • Wireless door lock with handle, in different styles and colors

  • Building Control that can work jointly with pre-programmed and triggered events 

  • Readers in different styles and types, such as architectural readers

  • Tokens (Keyfobs, Cards, etc.) and Bluetooth Credentials

  • Light-up, Touchless, and Push-to-exit buttons 

  • App that provides User Admin roles, open door functionality, view reports and events

  • Control monitor at desk allows staff to interact with visitors from panel.

  • App to view activity and time stamp of entrance and/or exit, from anywhere

  • Mobile devices and PC can answer door

  • Different types of panel for various types of environments, such as rain-hood versions


Entry Panels

This solution is structured for controlling access from both standalone and networked door entry systems. Businesses who want to control interior and exterior door access to a building can incorporate this, with following:

  • Entrance panel with camera for quick recognition. 

Gate & Garage Access Control Integrations

Long range vehicle identification is the superior way to identify vehicles and quickly grant them access through high traffic, secure perimeters. While Interactive Call boxes and Card Readers provide convenient verifications for access.


Standalone Access Control

Standalone allows you to lock a few doors but, not the entire building and can incorporate the following:

  • Readers in different styles and types, such as exterior vandal proof readers, with status light indicator

  • Dial keypad/code based entry system

  • Battery Operated

  • Tokens (Keyfobs, Cards, etc.) and Bluetooth Credentials

  • Control certain doors, without joining them to a network, PC, or server

Concrete Wall

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