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Do You Need Managed Services?

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

The truth is you really don't. But the more important question is, do you want to dedicate your time to troubleshooting software and hardware everyday, when your real job is to do something else?

Managed services is nothing more than a plan you purchase from an IT company to manage all of the serviceable equipment and intrinsic things that aren't noticeable by some, such as desktop and network support, that are needed to run your company's infrastructure, or maintaining viruses at bay. The infrastructure can be made up of two or more computers and possibly a server. The services include preventing downtime from i.e. viruses, troubleshooting the computers and server which might mean buying new parts for either or and sometimes completely replacing them with newer ones. So where does managed IT services come into play?

At the point that the owner or user doesn't know what to buy or how to troubleshoot most, if not all, of the equipment used to run their network.

And let's not forget about updates that usually get installed without anyone knowing or noticing, which is why it's called seamless administration, because you don't have to stop working to start a process that could take from a few minutes to a few hours. This only applies if you choose to enroll in a plan.

It's that simple. But if you didn't catch that here it is again.

It's a plan that offers what most know in the automobile sector as a tune up, but in the IT sector as managed services. In other words, it is a grouping of services that are meant to manage computers and other network devices, on a daily basis, for the purposes of keeping your machines running smoothly everyday, all day.

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